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Use of eCUIP is open to all Chicago Public Schools and to the general public, but development is guided primarily by selected "pilot" schools. The number of pilot schools will be expanded to nine for the 1999/2000 school year, up from three in 1998/99.

As most content in eCUIP is based primarily on recommendations from pilot schools, it is critical that participating schools work closely with project staff in identifying and selecting useful resources. The pilot schools also advise project staff on designing the user interface and planning training workshops. They provide informal feedback and more formal evaluations, and they are expected to devise models for using Digital Library resources as part of classroom instruction. For the project to be a success, firm commitment and extensive participation from administration, teachers and library staff in the pilot schools is required.

Participation in the CUIP Digital Library Project pilot phase will have the following benefits for the schools:

  • Priority enrollment in the Web Institute for Teachers, a Graham School summer seminar for teachers and librarians (note that all participants from CUIP schools get the $1000 tuition paid by CUIP).
  • One day of training for one pilot team member in spring 1999 (free training and funds for substitute teacher provided).
  • In-school five-week web training class, one hour per week, open to 10-15 educators (taught by CUIP TA in 1999/2000 school year).
  • Opportunity to influence the design and content of the digital library.

Additional benefits will be made available to the pilots as they become available. Benefits offered in prior years include interns from Dominican University to help the school librarian support Internet use and matching funds for library print acquisitions.

To participate in the Digital Library pilot phase, a school should agree to meet the following commitments:

  • Establish a digital library project team consisting of the librarian, a technologist, and at least two teachers,
  • Ensure full participation of the project team in periodic meetings and training workshops,
  • Ensure that at least one computer lab or classroom is wired sufficiently to allow classroom use of eCUIP, and
  • Participate in project evaluations as specified in grant proposals.

PLC 3/22/99

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