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The following questions can be answered using resources available at the eCUIP Digital Library Web site. For hints on how to use eCUIP to find answers, click on the links following each question.

  1. To whom can the following quote be attributed? "It is only the ignorant who despise education."

  2. How many Calories is equal to 150 Joules?

  3. According to the Linnaean classification of things, what are the Genus and Species of humans?

  4. Find a lesson plan on addition for third graders.

  5. What is the world's longest suspension bridge?

  6. Who wrote the poem "The Marshes of Glynn"?

  7. What color is the fruit of the American Beautyberry tree?

  8. Currently, what is the U. S. Debt?

  9. Identify an author who was born March 8th.

  10. Name a lawyer who died in 1901.

  11. What is the 3rd amendment to the Constitution?

  12. Define the musical term ostinato.

  13. How old was S. E. Hinton when she wrote The Outsiders?

  14. Who was the first woman to receive her Ph.D. in mathematics from Columbia University in 1886?

  15. Who was the first black alderman in Chicago? (He was elected in 1915.)

  16. Why is the famous paleontology site "Egg Mountain" named so?


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