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People have used the same events they use to mark time to help them know when to plant and when to harvest their crops.

Aztecs:  The Aztecs developed an intricate stone calendar to let them know when to plant and harvest crops, as well as pray to the gods for the success of the crops. more »

Egypt:  One Egyptian calendar is based on the rising of Sirius. The reappearance of the star Sirius in the sky was particularly important to the Egyptians because it told them that the Nile river would soon begin to flood, bringing water and rich new soil to the dry land where they would plant their crops. more »

Mississipians:  The Mississippians carefully observed the placement of the rising sun from Monks Mound, located due north. The shadow plot lined up with specific poles on the Woodhenge circle. This signaled the time to begin preparing for planting and harvesting. more »

Ngas:  The Ngas observe the appearance of the crescent moon to tell them when the rain will come, thus when they should plant and harvest their crops. more »

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Learn more about the the sun, the stars, and the moon and how they help people know when to plant and harvest their crops so they will have enough food to feed their people.

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