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Field Notes

Day 1

From: Marco
Date: July 1, 2000
Subject: Leaving the city behind

Right now is 2:55 PM Chicago time, we notice that the city is [behind us] — we see more space than in Chicago: there are names of streets that we have no idea where they are. But we still keep the same adventurous spirit.

Right now itęs 5:05 PM. We just took a little catnap; weęre trying to figure out where are we [and] are using the digital camera successfully.

The scenery seems to change so fast; it doesnęt seem itęs [only] a one-day train ride. I actually am very excited and cannot wait to arrive. Today we said our goodbyes and óweęll see you in three weeks.ā We are very lucky to have so much gear with us to take, such as the computer and the camera. It seems like nothing can go wrong. But we are hoping.

We already scheduled our dinner to be at 9:30 tonight. Man thatęs late, but we are hungry. We just ate all the cookies, Gabe made us — theyęre good.

To describe the scenery: it is an open plain, with not many cars around. Itęs 5:15 now and there are lots of warehouses visible, but most are shut down and burnt.

There are not a lot of people in this car, or the train. Lots get on and then get off soon after they get on. We just stopped, there are residential homes in the area, it seems to be quiet — the train is the loudest thing. There is also a lot of diversity on the train, for example we saw two Amish [men]. It seems that we stopped in a small town — there sure are lots of fields around and the homes are at quite far distances from each other.

Now the train is getting full, it is 5:25 PM. The laptop battery is on 60%, so [I have to finish up] quickly.

I feel this is an experience like my other and Gabe Lyons (Project Exploration Co-founder and Co-captain) was right when she said last year that that [would not be] my last time in Montana. I donęt feel nervous or anxious — it is great.

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A view from the train window. [enlarge]

A view of a farm from the train window. [enlarge]

A view of Montana's landscape from the train window. [enlarge]

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