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Introducing: Web Guides
APRIL 9, 2001

As regular visitors to this site know, eCUIP has some of the Web's best educational resources cataloged throughout the Digital Library's subject-specific Reference Desks and Reading Rooms.

In our continued commitment to making eCUIP easy-to-use for K-12 teachers and students, we've consolidated these resources in a brand-new series of "Web Guides," available in each of the Digital Library's subject collections and linked to at right. Now you have convenient, at-a-glance access to hundreds of online resources!

Although these Web Guides have replaced the subject-specific Reference Desks and Reading Rooms, the Digital Library's main Reference Desk and Reading Room have remained unchanged.

We hope that this upgrade improves your use of eCUIP and makes browsing the Digital Library more efficient. Please Contact us to let us know what you think!


:: African-American Studies Web Guide
:: Chicago Web Guide
:: Fine Arts Web Guide
:: Language Arts Web Guide
:: Mathematics Web Guide
:: Science Web Guide
:: Social Studies Web Guide
:: Technology Web Guide

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