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New resources for the new year
September 22, 2003 :: Check out eCUIP's newest resources about Ancient Egypt, Langston Hughes, and the history of Chicago. »

Event: Summer Seminar
Explore ways of using eCUIP and other digital libraries in your library, lab, or classroom in a special section of the Web Institute for Teachers (June 7th — August 1st). »

Introducing: Link Graphics
June 25, 2002 :: Check out the buttons and banners we offer for you to use to link to the eCUIP Web site. »

Introducing: Opinion Survey
March 21, 2002 :: Find out about our new survey where you can tell us what you think about this Web site — with a special version for kids! »

Introducing: eCUIP Classroom
October 26, 2001 :: Check out eCUIP's brand new top-level section housing lessons and activities for teachers to use with their students. »

Browse a full listing of eCUIP announcements and updates that have appeared previously on this page. »

R E C E N T   U P D A T E S
Ancient Egypt
January 12, 2004 :: Research Ancient Egypt using our exclusive resources: Lost Egypt: Photography and the Early Documention of Egyptian Monuments and Religion in the Lives of Ancient Egyptians.
Cahokia: Mirror of the Cosmos
January 12, 2004 :: Learn how the Cahokians created a complex city layout based on the cosmic order in this excerpt from Sally A. Kitt Chappell's Cahokia: Mirror of the Cosmos.
Chicago:City of Neighborhoods
September 15, 2003 :: Explore Chicago's neighborhoods and communities with excerpts from the 1986 book.
Langston Hughes
September 11, 2003 :: Listen to Chicago high school students recite a selection of Hughes' poems.
The Columbian Exposition
March 27, 2003 :: Take a virtual tour of the Chicago World's Fair of 1893.
Cultural Astronomy
December 5, 2002 :: Learn about the cultures around the world and through history that have observed the heavens in this new Science module.

Alexander Calder
September 9, 2002 :: Explore the whimsical work of this famous sculptor in this new Fine Arts module.

Link Graphics
June 25, 2002 :: Choose from eight different buttons and banners to use to link to the eCUIP Web site.
Kid's Opinion Survey
March 21, 2002 :: The people who made this Web site want to make it better! Tell us all about yourself and what you like and don't like about this Web site!
Adult Opinion Survey
March 21, 2002 :: Tell us about how you found about eCUIP, how you use this Web site, and whether this Web site serves your information needs.

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