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Feed Your Child the Truth

Artist: Bernard Williams

Commissioned by: A.T.&T., the Chicago Public Art Group, Gallery 37

Location: 50th Street and Cottage Grove in the Jessie "Ma" Houston Park

Medium: Mural

Commentary: An African mask is surrounded by figures celebrating the life of Jessie "Ma" Houston, a prisoner rights activist.
Muralists all face a big challenge: how do you make lots of things on a huge space hold together as one picture.

Williams certainly had that problem. His mural is huge (100 feet long) and really doesn't hold together so well. You might find it a bit dizzying. The figures get a little lost in the background of bright red diamonds, and it is kind of hard to see how the mask fits with the seated lady. Maybe too many people had too much to say about what went into the mural. Compare it with "Black Women Emerging" farther north on King Drive where the artist seems to fit many portraits together so they make one continuous mural.

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