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Language Arts

Langston Hughes Check the poetry of Langston Hughes.
Experience the poetry of Langston Hughes by listening to Chicago high school students read a selection of his poetry and researching his life and work with the Web guide and bibliography. »

Articles by scholars from the University of Chicago

Click for Harry Potter essay.Never Snitch: The Mythology of Harry Potter
by Wendy Doniger
Young Harry Potter's parents are dead. So far, so good: many of the heroes and heroines of the classics of children's literature are orphans, while others have invisible, unmentionable or irrelevant parents.

Creoles, Pidgins, and the evolutions of Languages
by Salikoko S. Mufwene

Ordinary Evil
by Candace Vogler

Hypocrisy about Hypocrisy: The Creation of Selves
by Wayne C. Booth

Lost Tongues and the Politics of Language Endangerment
by Salikoko S. Mufwene

The Rules of Comedy: Moliere and the Art of Depiction
by Larry F. Norman

Shakespeare Faces Retirement
by David Bevington

The Montaigne Project
by Philippe Desan

Turning the Century With Thomas Hardy
by James K. Chandler

Emotion, Rationality and Human Potential
by John T. Cacioppo

Why It Helps to Read Great Books: Texts, Society and Time
by Constantin Fasolt

Inside The OutsidersTake a peek inside The Outsiders!
Find out more about the novel by S.E. Hinton about adolescent rebellion and youth gangs in 1950's Oklahoma, with these materials, including background on the movie based upon the book, press releases, and an interview with the author. »

Black BoyFind out more about Black Boy!
Delve into Richard Wright's honest account of his impoverished childhood in the Deep South with these materials including a summary of the life of the author, a collection of photos, documents and links to other Richard Wright sites on the Web. »

Listening Booth Check out Listening Booth!
Part of the American Academy of Poets' Web site, listen to poets — including E. E. Cummings, Robert Frost, Langston Hughes and Anne Sexton — reading their own works.

Guide to Grammar and WritingCheck out Listening Booth!
By a Professor of English/Humanities this Web site provides a search function, index, FAQ, guide to using the Web site, and forms for asking questions of the author.

Web Guide
Find links to electronic versions of popular magazines, journals, texts, and interesting Web sites related to Language Arts:
:: Anthologies
:: Bibliographic Citation
:: Composition, Grammar & Style
:: Drama
:: Fiction
:: Mythology
:: Poetry
:: Reading, Spelling & Vocabulary
And more. »

University of Chicago Library Digital Collections
Get an overview of digital K–12 resources available from the University of Chicago. More »

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