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:: 793 AD ­ 1050 AD

Cultural Background | Surviving | Finding Meaning in the Cosmos

Cultural Background

The Vikings were Scandinavian warriors who lived in independent communities. They were excellent shipbuilders and sailors and survived by farming, fishing and hunting.

Vikings began learning to fight well and how to sail a boat when they were small children. As adults they sailed far from home to trade goods and conquer new lands in Europe and other continents. They founded the first colony in America long before anyone else in Europe thought that land existed that far west.

Time Period: 793 AD ­ 1000 AD.

Location: The Vikings lived in Denmark, Norway and Sweden in northwestern Europe. The Viking lands were bordered on the west by the Atlantic Ocean and by Russia on the east.

Geography: The land of the Vikings was mostly mountains, fiords and fertile coasts. A fiord is a narrow sea passage that comes in between the steep slopes of mountains. The winters are mild and summers are normally cool. The average temperature in January is 38 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average in July is 66 degrees Fahrenheit. The are receives a lot of rainfall.

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