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Expressions: Learn about the different ways that astronomical phenomena

People have used their observations of the sky to meet needs such as providing shelter, food, spiritual guidance, and social structure. Because the sky is dependable and regular, it has become an important part of the lives of people of many cultures.

Cultural expressions, or the way different peoples use their interpretations of the sky, is the connection between humans (cultures) and the sky (phenomena).

Different cultures have used their observations of the sky to meet the basic human needs listed on the right.


People have observed the order and regularity of the objects in the sky. They have used these observations to help them keep time, navigate, and provide food - activities that are necessary to the survival of humans. »

:: Living in Community
The heavens are very important to humans. The models they have made of the heavens have influenced the way that they organize their lives. »
:: Finding Meaning in the Cosmos
Humans have looked to the sky with wonder and awe.  They used the sky to answer questions they have about their own existence.  »

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