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Intramural Train
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New York city had the first elevated train system in 1867. Chicago would start its first "L" train line in 1888. The first "L" line ran to the south side thru alleys. It was extended to reach Jackson Park when Chicago was chosen to host the World's Fair in 1890. The first "L" train was pulled by a steam locomotive. The "L" wouldn't be electric powered until 1898. This photo shows the Intramural electric train which would serve as a prototype for future electric trains.The electric Intramural train was built specifically for the fair. It was built on a track that was 6 miles long and circled the fair grounds. The cost of developing the intramural train was $1,000,000 (very expensive for the time). Six million visitors paid to ride the electric train, but it still did not cover the high cost of development. The intramural train was very similar to the monorail at Disneyland.

Bancroft, Hubert Howe. The Book of the Fair. Chicago: The Bancroft Company, 1893. Further reproduction or distribution is prohibited without permission.

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