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Field Notes

Day 10

From: Shureice
Date: July 10, 2000
Subject: Hiking through bear country

Today was the first day of Paul Belanger's two-day nature course. We met at the information center at about 8:00.

[The group] included two girls that I knew from last year. Paul introduced me and we were off. We talked a little and I found that I was the oldest one there.

I was really surprised when I found out how cool Paul was. We performed a few icebreakers, which included spelling out his name with our tushies. We had a few snacks and he taught us how to use a compass for orientation. Then we were off for a 7 mile hike into bear country.

The hike was not very hard and we did not stop very often. Alex and I were goofing around alot and could be found at the back of the line most of the time. We found elk bones that still had cartilage. And we heard two bear growls. I thought this was so cool.

When we reached the summit, Paul took a lot of pictures and we chilled a little and then we went back to meet Dulce Belanger (Paul's wife), but she and Fin met us halfway. We had [a] really fast trip back, and then Paul surprised us with some munch and then he took us all home, to top off a really cool day.

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A group photo before the 3-mile hike. [enlarge]

Paul Belanger is an educator at the Nature Conservancy, Pine Butte Swamp Reserve. Find out more about the The Montana Nature Conservancy.

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