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Field Notes

Day 3

From: Shureice
Date: July 3, 2000
Subject: Egg Mountain

Today was the very first day of our internship at the Old Trail Museum (OTM). Today Susan Luinstra (an assistant instructor at the OTM's Dinosaur Paleontology Courses) picked me up at 9 AM, but not before Kathy (my host mom) and I had a teeny discussion over breakfast.

[Kathy] used to live in Missoula, which is a bigger city [than Choteau], then she moved here — her children (Zu Zu and Texel) are home-schooled! Cool, huh? She helped me make my lunch and gave me an extra water bottle. Then I packed up, and Susan and Marco came to pick me up and [we] were off.

First we went prospecting at some site called the "leaf site" in the Two-Medicine formation. Then we went on a tour of Egg Mountain, and Becca Hanna, the Curator of Paleontology at the Old Trail Museum, was correcting the tour guide's info — he asked her to [because] he was not a paleontologist.

After the tour we went to Camp Makela (named after [famous dinosaur expert] Jack Horner's comrade Bob Makela). Here there were plenty of tepees which is where people who were [working with the Museum of the Rockies Field School] camped.

After[wards], we went to a site where Dave Varricchio [a paleontologist from the University of Montana, Bozeman] was working with the campers and talked for a little bit. Marco and I may get to help him with overburden removal a little later this week.

We found plenty of bone frags, invertebrates and turtle shell frags, eggshell too. Becca found an operculum, which is the little bone to the opening of one of those swirly snails. We saw OTM's new and improved prep lab, and are very excited about working there. They remodeled, too.

Today we saw Todd Crowell (another instructor at the OTM) and his big husky dog. Tomorrow he'll be riding on the parade in the dino-mobile with us. We meet there at 8:30 AM. It's 12:15 now, I went over Marco's house and we had fun. They even took us around town. It's "crowded" this time of year.

Well, gotta go!

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Susan Luinstra, Old Trail Museum assistant instructor and school teacher in Bynum, Montana. [enlarge]

Becca Hanna, the curator of the Old Trail Museum. [enlarge]

A view of the teepees at Camp Makela. [enlarge]

Todd Crowell, seasonal paleontology instructor at the Old Trail Museum, shows the "peace" sign. [enlarge]

In 1978 Dr. Jack Horner, the Curator of Paleontology at the Museum of the Rockies, discovered the remains of dinosaur nesting colonies near Choteau, Montana.

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