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Loop Tour: Sites F & G
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Site F
Walk south along Dearborn Street to Washington. The McCarthy Building stands on the northeast corner of the intersection. It was designed by Chicago's first professional architect, John M. Van Osdel in 1872, like the Delaware Building, it recalls the pre-Civil War style of architecture. Van Osdel designed many Loop area buildings both before and just after the Chicago Fire of October 18u1. During the eighteen months following the fire, Van Osdel designed about one and one-half miles of building frontage in Chicago. The McCarthy Building is one of only two known Van Osdel structures still standing in the Loop. The other is the Page Brothers Building in 177-91 North State Street also built in 1872.

The Daley Center Plaza is on the northwest corner of Dearborn and Washington. This very public space contains the famous Chicago Picasso (shown at right in 1985). Erected in 1967, this work is still a controversial piece of public art. In the more than eighteen years that it has graced the Daley Center Plaza, the 136-ton work has become a universal symbol of Chicago.

Across Washington Street, in a narrow court, stands the work of another eminent Spanish artist. Joan Miro's Chicago joined Picasso's untitled work in the late 1970s.

Site G
Continue south on Dearborn Street to Madison. The First National Bank Building and Plaza stands on the block bounded by Dearborn, Madison, dark, and Monroe. The building was constructed in 1969, and plaza followed four years later. The 850-foot building sheathed in gray-speckled granite and bronze-tinted glass. The sweep of the A-shaped structure immediately captures the eye and draws it skyward. This plaza its neighbor at the Daley Center, is the home of and famous work of modern art. Marc Chagall's Four Seasons mosaic covers the sides and top of a rectangular block fourteen feet high and seventy feet long. It highlights this plaza, which is one of the most popular open spaces in the city. Through the collection of major sculptures by Miro. Picasso, Chagall, and Alexander Calder, Dearborn Street has become an important repository for modern public sculpture.

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