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Loop Tour: Sites Q & R
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Site Q
Go north on LaSalle to Adams. The Rookery, at 209 S. LaSalle, dominates this intersection with its powerful columns and stonework. Burnham and Root designed the building, which was built between 1885 and 1888. It is one of the oldest forerunners of the modern skyscraper. Shops and offices surround the first-floor light court. The building is naturally lighted from four sides and from the central light well. The glass-covered lobby court provided one of the more bold and exciting innovations in modern civic architecture. In 1905 the Rookery was further enhanced by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, who replaced Root's elaborate ornamentation of the lobby with a simple geometric design, gold and white marble detailing, and the addition of huge rectangular planters. The photograph at right shows the Rookery Lobby in 1972.

Site R
Continue north on LaSalle to Madison and walk east to Clark Street. St. Peter's Church is located at 110 West Madison Street. German Catholics founded this parish in 1846. The original church stood on Washington Street between Wells and Franklin. A second church at the corner of dark and Polk Streets housed the parish from 1875 until the present church opened in 1953. The church serves approximately 500,000 Roman Catholics who work in the Loop. The structure has only one window, a Gothic stained glass window which faces Madison and is dedicated to Mary, Queen of Peace. The church offers fifteen Masses each weekday. It is estimated that 20,000 persons attend services each week.

The Chicago Loop Synagogue is located just south of the intersection of dark and Madison at 16 South Clark Street. Designed by Loebl, Schlossman and Bennett in 1957, it includes a wonderful stained glass composition by Abraham Rattner on the theme "Let there be light!" The Loop Synagogue acts as the city's central synagogue. It was founded in 1929.

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