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Builders of the Cultural Present

Artist: Calvin Jones and Mitchell Caton, restored by Bernard Williams

Commissioned by: Mayor Bryne, Chicago Council on Fine Arts, National Endowment of Expansion Arts. Restored by the CPAG

Location: 71st and Jeffrey

Medium: Mural

Commentary: This was an expression of hope in cultural power and painted at a time when the community was in deep decline, unlike the nearby "Benu" which was painted during South Shore's rebirth.

The large mural is a tribute to African American creators including the poet Gwendolyn Brooks and the sculptor Marlion Perkins. Both seem to have roots in the African past, represented by huge mask which dwarfs all the other figures on the wall. The work is done in three panels separated by diagonal grey lines. Each panel has its own colors and subject, but they all seem to flow together and to the African ancestral mask.

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