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Field Notes

Day 13

From: Marco
Date: July 13, 2000
Subject: Rare finds

So the day was set, I had the day off on Friday and Saturday. I got up, went on the computer briefly and then went to work.

Since the afternoon's are very hot, we decided to do the fourth activity in the morning instead of the afternoon.

Shureice did not come with us to the JP site today, she had to stay back and help clean up the museum. So we loaded up the blue van, in the team there were seven of us, four from the tourist group and three of us from the museum.

When we got there, one kid named BJ decided to go out looking for fossils — he said he has many fossil shells at home. He found a lot of neat stuff, even a worm burrow. His dad decided to stay and do overburden — he was determined to find the skull of a dinosaur. I did not uncover anything new, but I did remove quite a bit of rock around the bones.

It was confirmed by Becca that we found a tibia and fibula and I believe we have a cervical vertebra. The goal that I have is to take out the jacket JP3, the first couple of bones I uncovered last year with Jack Conrad.

After much hard work, we headed into town to the Log Cabin [for lunch]. The good news is that the JP's arrive next week.

After lunch we went to the invertebrate site. I could not believe it but right after I got out of the van I found a crinoid. It was complete from the tentacles down, except for the stem. It seemed like it got crushed on its side — it was very beautiful. I collected it right away. I found many shells that day. Shureice had joined us for the afternoon, I don't know of any of her finds, but mine were rare.

We did the usual stops after the invert site and also visited Egg Mountain. We were running kind of late, because of a long lunch.

In the tourist group we had some of Kathryn's friends, so we went to another area in the invert site where we collected a huge rock covered in marine life. We arrived at the museum at about 6:30 and there was a thunderstorm coming. So I packed my rocks and headed for home as fast I could.

I got home and had the digital camera in my possession, then Roman and I watched a movie and he came up with a couple somewhat funny jokes about it. I went to sleep early today because I have to be up very early tomorrow to go to Bozeman.

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Todd Crowell uses a pick-axe for removing overburden. [enlarge]

The tour of the Egg Mountain site. [enlarge]

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