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Field Notes

Day 13

From: Shureice
Date: July 13, 2000
Subject: Working at the museum

Today I stayed behind, and Maggie kept trying to teach me to use the register. It's confusing though. We had a little fun and I worked in the prep lab.

I was happy and suprised when I was in the prep lab and Mary came to take me out. I locked up the lab and we went to John Henry's, a pizza joint across town. We met up with [Mary's] friend and sat down together.

They gave me a little history lesson about the town, which was real cool cause Mary is a good storyteller. She told me that Marco would be leaving for Bozeman tomorrow.

They also told me that MTV was changed to CTV (country music television). Then she took me home so I could change out of the hot clothes I had on so I could go back into the field.

At 1:30 the OTM crew came and got me so that I could go to the invertebrate site with them. I was happy to be back in the field and I realized that being in the Museum was almost as cool.

We had the same great time and people were thrilled that they could take invertebrate fossils home with them. We also spotted a huge rock that had all sorts of fossilized invertebrates on it. We took it back to the Museum.

One of the members of this group was quite the conversationalist. He told me everything I wanted to know about killer bees. He said that they mixed this aggressive African bee with a South American bee that wasn't doing so well. Then they got this psychotic bee that gets its whole colony after you if you try to attack it. Cool. His son started a rockslide by going too far up the hill.

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Marco's host mom, Mary Christiaens. [enlarge]

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