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What is a digital library?
Simply put, a digital library is a searchable collection of electronic materials/items made available via a central point of access (or “portal”). You can also think of a digital library as a centralized electronic collection or a gateway to electronic resources.

You may not have heard the term "digital library," but maybe you have heard "cybrary" or "virtual library." For our purposes, all of these things are one and the same.

Digital libraries can collect all kinds of information, including:

digital reproductions of primary source materials
:: Image from Chicago's Columbian Exposition: Early construction at Jackson Park (eCUIP)
:: Broadsides (Handbills): "Revenge! Working Men to Arms!" (Chicago Historical Society's The Haymarket Affair Digital Collection)
:: Historical map: The Dissolution of Austria-Hungary (eCUIP)
:: Manuscript: The Anti-Slavery Movement. A lecture by Frederick Douglass (Library of Congress, American Memory)
digital reproductions of secondary source materials
:: Magazine article: "Flying Sculptures" (eCUIP)
:: Book: Hyde Park Houses (eCUIP)
:: Exhibit: The Dramas of Haymarket (Chicago Historical Society)
:: Storybooks: International Children's Digital Library
links to Web pages and sites (Web directories, webliographies, etc.)
:: Science Web Guide (eCUIP)
:: Folklore and mythology (University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Ashliman)
:: Teen Space (The Internet Public Library)
:: Virtual field trips in science and math (Eisenhower National Clearinghouse)

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:: eCUIP: The Digital Library Project
:: America's Library
:: American Memory
:: International Children's Digital Library
:: The Internet Public Library
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